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Richa Dye a name to reckon with in the Dyestuff & name synonymous with qualitative marketing of its products, has been serving the needs of its valued customers since 1981 From manufacturing & marketing of Direct Dyestuffs Richa Dye has successfully diversified into Direct, Reactive & Acid Dyestuff alongwith Pigments. Boosting of a Young, dedicated & enthusiastic, yet experienced group of management & employees, Richa Dye is expanding its horizon. Having established itself firmly in India, Richa Dye is gearing itself to meet the challenges of global competition by venturing into various overseas markets.

All this is being achieved without any compromise on quality. Gone are the days when no dyestuff Company Used to give any guarantee on good produced by it. Richa Dye takes a big, bold & Pioneering step, to increase its customers confidence, by giving guarantee in the consistency of quality of dyestuff supplied. For achieving that purpose, Richa Dye has installed highly technological machines, like SPECTROPHOTOMETER, COLOUR MATCHING SYSTEM, LIQUID TESTING, MOOLLER etc. for testing the strength and various other parameters of its products. This start of art technology is available with only few companies throughout India.

Continuing in its efforts to maintain the objective & the motto of never compromising in its quality, for which it was established in 1981 Richa Dye has embodied in its organization a spirit of unfailing attitude towards its customers & has accepted the Challenge of...

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