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Bifunctional Reactive Dyes

There are majorly two reactive groups in Bi functional Dyes. These two groups are well-known for their extraordinary dyeing activity. The excellent dyeing capacity of these bi functional dyes depends on good selection of appropriate reactive groups and appropriate chromophores. Only a few bi functional reactive dye have been developed that carries mono-chlorotriazine and sulfone reactive. As these dyes contain two reactive groups either identical in nature or not. So they have higher degree of fixation over all other kinds of dyes.

The main features of Bi Functional Dyes

  • The dependability that is exist in the color fiber bond between the vinyl sulphone gathering and cellulose against corrosive hydrolysis gives additional soundness to these colors in the acidic condition of the business and makes the coloring impact all the more enduring.
  • The part of bi functional dyes that doesn't fix during the coloring procedure can be expelled no problem at all. This is a direct result of the low substantivity of the hydrolysis color. This shorten the risk of staining of the adjacent whites.
  • The leveling properties are also excellent. The reproductivity of dyeing is also good.
  • The fastness quality is likewise also get improved.

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